Essay on The Atmosphere Entertainment Program at the Paris Las Vegas

Essay on The Atmosphere Entertainment Program at the Paris Las Vegas

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The atmosphere entertainment program at the Paris Las Vegas should, at its base, reflect the duality of the property: the artistry and classicism of the French methods of entertaining and living with the sensual allure and thrilling vibe of the Las Vegas Strip. Orion Productions proposes three variable programs, all which can be interchanged and combined to accommodate for high and lower traffic days and special casino and hotel promotions. Both male and female dancers will be enlisted for the program, to capture the romantic ambiance of a Parisian interlude or getaway. Each one of the performers will be chosen by Paris Las Vegas’ management through a casting call, and only performers expressly selected by management will be featured in the entertainment program.

To ensure the high quality of the atmosphere program, there will be a hair and makeup stylist onsite for the entertainers, as well as a costumer for daily maintenance and upkeep of costumes and props. The costumer can also incorporate body painting as a means of performance art and possible promotions with slot tournaments, casino giveaways, and other property marketing ventures.

Our goal is to provide an alluring, risqué yet not bawdy, entertainment program that caters to the twenty-five to fifty year old demographic, but is still be family-friendly enough to accommodate for an extended viewing public.

The following three variations are hereby proposed:

Variation 1:

This variation is to be set up around several different high traffic areas of the Paris Las Vegas, the first of which is the check-in and reception area of the hotel. Two dancing couples will be dressed in bellhop-themed costuming and will perform several dance numbers, including a scin...

... middle of paper ...

...and the talent of the dancing group.

The goal behind the atmosphere program is to cater to the patrons that will be most apt to casino promotions and hotel amenities such as slot tournaments, entertainment and show packages, and fine dining, but to still hold appeal to family audiences, as well. By advertising the program as a “free show,” more locals and general foot traffic are likely to respond and enter the property. Involving the atmosphere program in any marketing ventures and promotional efforts will also yield immense benefits to the property in general.

In short, by providing a sexy but not bawdy, risqué but not trashy program revolving around classic Parisian themes of getaways, sensual interludes, and intriguing romance, the atmosphere entertainment will not only reflect the upper tiers of the Las Vegas scene, but the classicism and style of Paris.

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