Essay on Atlas - The Agile Anthropomorphic Robot

Essay on Atlas - The Agile Anthropomorphic Robot

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Atlas - The Agile Anthropomorphic Robot

In most of the situation chance to finding victims still alive the rescuers have very short time to find the trapped or missing victims in collapsed structure. The solution for this use technology can make a great help for rescuers. Intelligent mobile robots can be very helpful and efficient tools to speed up search and rescue operation. Rescue robots are also useful to do the job in situations that are dangerous for human rescuers. They can enter into gaps and move though small hole that difficult for human and even trained dog. This reduces the risk a human rescue team is exposed to and allows them to plan the rescue more effectively.
A search and rescue robot has many features. Most important features from this robot is equip with humidity and temperature sensors to detect the temperature of the victim. Once the robot found the victim, the robot then will sent notification to the rescuer the location of the victim.

ATLAS is humanoid looking robot built to operate in hard terrains. It walks similar to a human, while using its upper arms available for other needs, such as carrying a heavy load or for implementing tasks, such as difficult rescues. When it gets to an especially hard area to cross, it can use its arms to climb rocks and pass through narrow passageways.

It is equipped with 28 interlocking hydraulic joints which give it much freedom to move its hands, arms, legs, feet and upper torso. Its hands come with special sensors for location and photography.

The US government is currently considering the use of the ATLAS robot for specialized missions such as search and rescue, as it can enter places where humans would have trouble crossing and tirelessly...

... middle of paper ... less dependency to a failure of a particular part of the whole system.

Another important feature of SAR robots is versatility. During a mission robot would face to unpredicted situations and it should be able to manage that situation. One approach to have versatility and adaptation is self-reconfigurable robots. This feature enables the robot to change its structure depend on the environment

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