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The Atlantis resort is a casino and water park located on Paradise Island, The Bahamas. The resort officially opened in 1998, it’s Coral and Beach towers opened as the Trump Plaza. After the Royal towers were built the name of the resort changed to Atlantis. Later the Coral and Beach towers were refurbished to match the theme of the Royal towers. A 600-suite luxury hotel was opened on March 28, 2007, called The Cove Atlantis. The Reef Atlantis, another tower with 497 rooms, opened December 19, 2007. Another accommodation Atlantis offers is the Harborside Resort (Fig. 1). Accomodations
At the Atlantis resort there are multiple fun activities to engage in. Dolphin Cay has 14 acres and 6.6 million gallons of crystal clear seawater, and is one of the largest and most sophisticated marine habitats and dolphin rescue-rehabilitation facilities anywhere in the world. Dolphin Cay offers activities such as: shallow water interaction, deep water swim, ultimate trainer for a day, sea lion interaction, snorkel the ruins of Atlantis, stingray experience, and a Dolphin Cay beach pass. Things To Do
Paradise Islands Adventure Water Park is a one of a kind 141-acre waterscape available to every guest of the Atlantis Resort. The water park offers: thrilling high speed waterslides, a mile long river ride with rapids and rolling surges, 20 swimming areas, and rock climbing. Atlantis offers many water adventures also. One can snorkel, scuba, snuba, which is a great way to experience the undersea marine life without being scuba certified, shark adventures, where you where a glass helmet and walk along the bottom of the shark exhibit, and also enjoy the various pools and beaches. Things To Do
The Marine Habitat at Paradise Island is outstanding. Be...

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...he two quick eats that are unique on Paradise Island are the Cave Grill and the Dive in. At the Cave Grill you can see up close underwater views of the marine habitat, while the Dive In offers tasty barbeque items that are rubbed with a blend of exotic local herbs and spices. Dining
The Atlantis Resort is a wonderful, exotic place to visit for the young and old to have a magnificent vacation. From exploring the beautiful marine habitat, relaxing on the beach, riding high speed water slides, to dining at the most intriguing restaurants offered, Atlantis is a one of a kind experience.

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