Athletic Weight Cycling Essay

Athletic Weight Cycling Essay

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Weight cutting in combat sports, such as wrestling, judo, jiu jitsu, taekwondo, and mixed martial arts, has to be one of the most dangerous aspects of any athletic competition. Which is ironic, because it is not even part of the actual competition, but part of the preparation (Baltz, 2013). Many athletes have developed a mentality of commitment, sacrifice, and self-discipline that views weight loss as a critical component of the “no pain, no gain” philosophy (Perriello, 2001). It has become a tradition in these sports; something athletes do, because "everyone else is doing it," (Schneider, 2010). Weight cutting is a controversial subject in combat sports due to the inherent dangers that cutting weight possesses. The strategy of cutting weight immediately before fighting is commonly used in nearly every combat sport from boxing to wrestling to mixed martial arts (Pishna, 2013). While the unnecessary practice of weight cutting may be believed to provide a competitive advantage, it not only puts the athlete’s physical health at risk, but it has physiological and psychological effects as well.
Most athletes who want to lose weight are driven by a desire for improved appearance, better performance, or a perceived competitive advantage (Perriello, 2001). Athletes in weight-class sports, such as judo and wrestling, have been known to cut large amounts of weight using extreme methods (Schneider, 2010). The desire to compete can motivate athletes to lose weight whether or not they have excessive body fat (Perriello, 2001). If athletes can have an advantage over the competition, most will make the sacrifice to get there (Schneider, 2010). Athletes participating in weight cutting train their bodies to be in peak condition, and then in the we...

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Athletic Weight Cycling Essay

- Weight cutting in combat sports has to be one of the most dangerous aspects of any athletic competition. Which is ironic, because it isn’t even part of the actual competition, but part of the preparation (Baltz, 2013). Many athletes have developed a mentality of commitment, sacrifice, and self-discipline that sees weight loss as a critical component of the “no pain, no gain” philosophy (Perriello, 2001). It has become a tradition in these sports; something athletes do, because "everyone else is doing it," (Schneider, 2010)....   [tags: cutting, competions, injury]

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