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Athletic programs have been a part of colleges for many years. It has led to most big name schools being popular because of these successful athletic programs. They draw in and attract students. They have the ability to create an atmosphere that nothing else can, while bringing an entire student body together. Athletic programs also allow for students to receive an education that typically would not be able to. Athletic programs are beneficial to colleges.
Athletic programs give schools national exposure which leads to more applicants, which leads to many benefits for the school. In the article “The Importance of College Athletic Programs to Universities”, Dr. Sabrina Prieur, a college professor and athletics administrator, states that “[Successful Athletic Programs] can have a positive effect on student enrollment numbers because prominent athletic programs gain valuable media exposure” (Prieur). Prieur is saying that the national exposure that successful athletic programs create will not only help the athletic programs, but will benefit the school as a whole. These successful athletic programs create popularity, which attracts students. This attraction leads to more applicants, which allows for schools to be more selective in their acceptance and enrollment. The more students that enroll means more tuition dollars for the school. In Linda Emma’s article “The Importance of College Athletic Programs to Universities”, a survey done by researchers at UCLA showed “that some 40 percent of students chose their college partly for its social life. Schools with large athletic programs are also meccas of social activity” (Emma). Emma is saying that the atmosphere at a school created by athletic success can greatly improve the social asp...

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...y wouldn’t be able to get financial help on grades alone to have some assistance paying for college. Academics are not something that is forgotten by these student athletes, as they often find success in the classroom as well as the playing field.
Professional athletics in general have been popular in America, but now college athletics are reaching this same amount of popularity. A majority of big name schools receive the attention that they do because of their athletic programs. The atmosphere and attraction that they create is undeniably helpful to schools. The benefits of having them greatly outweigh the negatives of having them. Eliminating athletic programs would cause an uproar across the country, in addition to negatively effecting colleges nationwide. Many people believe athletic programs are harmful, but in reality, they benefit anyone associated with them.

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