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Are athletes making too much money? People watch college football religiously every fall and into the spring. Cheering on their team no matter where they are, or what country they may be in. Yelling at the television, screaming at the top of their lungs when their team gets a touchdown, or a penalty. Then college football winds down and we divert our attention to professional football. Have you ever looked at how much money a professional football player makes? Payton Manning makes $42.4 million a year; Tom Brady makes $27.1 million a year, but why? Why have we as Americans made sports more important than our military fighting to keep our freedom, or our police and firemen saving our lives on a daily basis. This is a question people have been asking for what seems like forever.
Did you know that there is more than a billion dollars brought in every year just by college sporting events alone? The NFL makes about six billion in a year as well. If you keep up with ESPN, there have been a few top stories where they talk about collegiate athletes selling personal items (Jerseys, or autographs) to make money. Examples are Cam Newton, Johnny Manziel, AJ Green, and others. However, some could argue that student athletes should be paid to play while others believe that they should not. Dosh stated; “You cannot pay players without invoking Title IX. Safely assuming that any pay-for-play plan would pay male football and basketball players, you run into huge issues with federal law. More money will have to be devoted to women’s sports and it’s highly likely its men’s sports outside of football and basketball that will suffer. And, again, where is all this money going to come from” (Dosh).
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