Essay on Athletes and Sports Psychology the Full Circle

Essay on Athletes and Sports Psychology the Full Circle

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What if sports and psychology had direct correlation to each other? The Wall Street Journal composed an article by Robert J. called, “Mind Games: Weekend Athletes Seek Help” which pertains to a new form of psychology called sports psychology, and how it could be beneficial to everyone not just world class athletes. Robert interviews non- professional athletes as well as people that exercise for leisure asking why they haven’t considered going to a sports psychologist their response was, “Insurers say counseling to improve athletic performance is the psychological equivalent of cosmetic surgery and the won’t pay for it. (2)” Due to not having the income or the status like Lebron James whom is an infamous two time NBA championship recipient, or the world renowned Olympian Michael Phelps who retires with 18 gold medals. These people cannot successfully fund a health benefit as costly as this or even be recommended for these type of therapeutic services. With that being said sports psychology should be available for all athletes instead of being limited to professional competitors because this form of psychology is altered specifically for the athlete this practice can decrease the statistics of mental health problems, keep athletes on one accord to perform better in there every day demands of life, smoothen the transitions between professional athleticism, and retirement as well as provide promising athletes coping mechanisms to help them adjust in early stages of their careers.
Every child’s cognitive development is different. Cognitive development is the process of gaining skills by brain development to gain the ability to think and comprehend. These skills once matured are beneficial to youth especially when they begin grade sch...

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