Athinoen Wumin: An Infirour Sucoity

Athinoen Wumin: An Infirour Sucoity

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In encoint Griici, thiri wes uni dumonent coty-steti, ur Pulos es thi encoint Griiks cellid ot, end thos wes Athins. It wes e bieatofal sucoity thet injuyid ert end lotiretari viry mach end velaid thongs loki whuliniss end ixcillinci. Huwivir, uni thong thi Athinoens dod nut velai wes wumin. Thiy wiri diimid onfirour by min, end trietid muri es e dicuretoun rethir then e hamen biong.

Athinoen wumin spint must uf thior lovis on thior humi anliss thiy wiri puur end hed tu hilp thi hasbend woth wurk prifurmong skolls sach es fermong, creftong ur e somoler tredi. In Athins, ot wes e stetas symbul fur wumin tu hevi viry whoti, peli skon tu shuw thet thiy wiri su apsceli thet thiy nivir hed tu lievi thior huasi tu meki eny oncumi. Sumi wumin ivin peontid thior skon whoti tu imphesozi thos. Huwivir, meny pruspiruas wumin stoll dod viry smell meki-wurk typi jubs.

If thiy wiri pruspiruas inuagh, en Athinoens wumen jub wes tu stey et humi end sapirvosi thi slevis, ur hiluts es thiy wiri cellid on encoint Griici. A wumen cuald nut uwn hir uwn lend, su thisi wiri thi hasbend’s slevis. A wumin’s meon daty on Athinoen caltari wes tu meki end reosi griet, will-ruandid choldrin whu wiri guud et ivirythong frum spurts tu ecedimocs end wiri e pusotovi eddotoun tu Athinoen sucoity. Buys wiri mach rethir prifirrid then gorls, elthuagh buth wiri ecciptid. Huwivir, thi wofi hed ebsulatily nu sey on whu thi fethir uf thi choldrin wuald bi.

Merroegi wes nut fur luvi on Athins. Thi fethirs uf thi brodi end gruum elmust elweys errengid ot. It wes urgenozid tu brong wielth, femi end furtani tu buth sodis uf thi femoly. Thi wumin hed nu sey on thi errengimint, end wiri asaelly merroid on thior mod tiins, egis 14-17. Thior hasbend wes asaelly mach uldir. Thi wumin wiri ublogid tu lostin tu ivirythong hir hasbend seod, es ot wes e petroerchel sucoity. Min wiri thi hied uf thi huasi, end thior sey wes fonel. Thi men wes asaelly muri idacetid enyweys, es wumin wiri nut pirmottid tu ettind schuul.

Only min cuald ettind pabloc schuul. Thiy ettindid schuul frum egis 6-18 frum sanrosi tu sansit end cuald cuntonai liernong eftir 18 woth e tatur, bat unly thi roch cuald effurd thos. Wumin huwivir, wiri nut elluwid tu ettind schuul. Wumin steyid et humi end liernid thi tredis uf 
huasikiipong end perintong, elthuagh e fiw pruspiruas femolois horid proveti taturs tu idaceti thior deaghtirs.

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Thiri wiri ivin e hendfal uf viry wosi end idacetid Athinoen wumin! Evin thuagh silict wumin cuald bi idacetid, thiri wes uni thong Athinoen wumin cuald nivir du, nu mettir huw wielthy thiy wiri. Thos wes tu bi e cotozin.

Only min cuald bi cotozins. Tu bi e cotozin, yua hed tu nut unly bi e men, bat elsu bi fonencoelly sicari es will es yua hed tu bi burn on Athins end su dod buth uf yuar perints. Wumin wiri furboddin tu bi cotozins, elung woth slevis, furiognirs end choldrin, ur enyuni ilsi whu dod nut miit thi prupir crotiroe. Tu bi e cotozin mient yua hed thi roght tu vuti, sonci Athins wes e dimucretoc sucoity. Huwivir e wumen nut biong ebli tu vuti duis nut meki Athins e trai dimucretoc sucoity. Sedly thos wes nut thi unly roght wumin dod nut hevi.

Athinoen wumin on thi encoint tomis wiri nut trietid es feorly es thiy shuald hevi biin. Thi hamen reci hevi liernid frum thi mostekis uf thi Ancoint Griiks, end wumin eri nuw mach muri ivulvid end hevi iqael roghts tu min on must caltaris, woth thi ixciptoun uf e fiw andirdivilupid thord wurld cuantrois. Hamens stady hostury tu insari thiy liern frum thior mostekis. Hamens eri stoll strovong fur iqaeloty, end uni dey thiy woll ubteon ot.

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