Essay about The Athenian 's Political System

Essay about The Athenian 's Political System

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For centuries, Greece has produced innovations and advancements that set an example and high standards for other societies around the world. City- states in Greece, such as Athens and Sparta, led the way with their military, political, and societal advancements.

The Athenian’s political system differed from the rest of Greece at this time. At the beginning of the 7th century BCE, Athens was ruled by a monarchy, which soon fell out of thrown out control by aristocrats. After the monarchy fell, Pisitarious took over the Athenian political system and began to rule as a tyrant. He kept a strong grip on the Athenian’s trade, and in 1510 BCE, the citizens of Athens overthrew Pistarious. The Athenian’s created the council of 500 to supervise foreign affairs, and vote on the city state’s laws. This was the first time the Athenians tried to govern its own people. This council was controlled by all male citizens and held open debates on laws that were presented at the meetings. This council of 500 was created by Cleisthenes, an Athenian citizen, he set the foundation for democracy. Democracy gives the people authority over their own lives. (TALK MORE ABOUT DEMOCRACY)
Along with the political system, Athenian civilization was unlike any other city state in ancient Greece at the time. Women, slaves, and foreign residents were treated as second class citizens to Greek males. Women stayed at home to bear the children, and were frowned upon by society if them could not bear a male to carry on the family name. Aristotle wrote about the Athenian’s view on women, claiming “a woman is, as it were, an infertile male. She is a female in fact on account by an inadequacy”. It was common for a males to venture out of their marriage and have sexua...

... middle of paper ... military service until the age of 60. Spartan women, unlike Athenian women had more control and power in society. Woman like men contributed in physical activities because it was “thought that is both parents were strong their children would be more robust”
Sparta’s political system focused on military strength and power rather than the Athenian method of education. Spartan government, unlike the Athenians, was an oligarchy. This government mainly focused on military affairs and army campaigns. Spartan society elected five new men each year, “responsible for the education of youth and the conduct of all citizens”. At the assemblies held, the two kings and elders debated issues occurring in society.Spartan military government limited its citizens to travel abroad because they believed citizens would “pick up new ideas dangerous to the stability of the state”.

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