Athena the Greek Goddess

Athena the Greek Goddess

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Athena was the virgin daughter of the great god Zeus and she was also one of the great
Olympian deities.
Not only was she the goddess of wisdom but she was
also the goddess of war and the patroness of arts and crafts. Which led her to be a great leader
Athena was born beside the river Triton where she was nurtured by 3 nymphs. One of the nymphs
Was her playmate, Pallas. When she was just a girl, Athena accidentally killed Pallas. As a token of her grief Athena put the nymphs
name before her own, so she was often know as Pallas Athena.
Athena was endowed with much wisdom from her mother Metis, which means cunning.
Because she enjoyed war and was a fierce warrior she used her intelligence for military strategy
I will give you 3 examples of how Athena used he military cunning to pass challenges:-
The first is the Trojan War:
For ten years the Greeks tried to capture the city of Troy, but its walls were invincible.
Athena inspired Odysseus to build a hollow wooden horse. He was to make the horse taller and
Wider than the main gate of Troy so the Trojans had to destroy their own wall to bring
In the gift from the gods, so they thought.
The next example was when the hero Perseus was forced to fight the
Terrible Gorgon Medusa. Nobody was able to kill her because if you looked directly at her
You would turn to stone. Athena gave Perseus a highly polished shield so he could look at her
Since he was looking at her reflection and not her face he did not turn to stone
stone and was able to kill her.
The 3rd example was when Hercules was forced to clean the filthy Augean stables.
He was so overwhelmed by the filth that he couldn't do it. Athena then guided him into
Changing the course of the Alpheus and Peneus rivers so that they would flow through the stables
And thus wash them for him. She also had a city that she was the patron goddess of.
Athens, the city named after her to this day. She competed with Poseidon, god of the sea,
to become the patron god of Athens. Their contest took place on the Acropolis. which is a
Large flat hill in the middle of the city. The winner was the one who could give
the better gift to the people.

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Poseidon shoved his trident into the ground
And a beautiful pool of water sprang forth. Everybody cheered as water was
Important. But when they tasted it, it was salt water which was not very useful.
For Athena's gift she touched a crack in the ground and an olive tree grew.
The people were delighted as the tree would give food, oil and wood. To this day an olive tree
Still stands their near the Parthanon which is a temple built in her honor.
These days Athena is shown wearing a plumed helmet and carrying a spear.
She is carrying the Aegis of Zeus which was a shield or breast
Plate with the head of medusa in its center.
She also had two animal symbols the owl and the snake. The owl was her favorite bird, now
Associated with wisdom because she was the goddess of wisdom. The other was a snake, symbolizing renewal and the earth.
For this I would like to give her the best god of the millennium award.
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