Athena, Schemer And Plotter, Substitutes Reconciliation And Peace Essay

Athena, Schemer And Plotter, Substitutes Reconciliation And Peace Essay

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Athena, Greek goddess of wisdom, states: “Mortals, always blaming the gods for their own witlessness!”(Homer 333) The debate of whether or not man controls his destiny is eternal. Many of us spend our whole lives pondering whether it is our fate or our own free will to blame for how our lives turn out. However, Felson claims “Athena, schemer and plotter, substitutes reconciliation and peace.”(89-98) In The Odyssey, Homer uses Odysseus as an archetype to convey that mortals are helpless without the will and favor of the gods.
Homer reveals Odysseus’ witty and wily mind to gain the good and bad favor of the gods. Odysseus used his intelligence to free his men from the cyclops Polyphemus (Homer 434). However, having defeated and blinded Polyphemus, son of Poseidon, Odysseus makes a mistake: boasting. Poseidon stirs up the seas so that Odysseus cannot return home to Ithaca and “every god took pity but one” (Beck 469). Just as Poseidon despises Odysseus, Athena loves him the same. In fact, Athena plays a critical role in returning Odysseus to his family and home. “… [This] man is truly l...

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