At Wells Fargo, Teamwork And Sales Essay

At Wells Fargo, Teamwork And Sales Essay

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At Wells Fargo, teamwork and sales are important skills needed in order to succeed as a teller. At Wells Fargo, I plan to incorporate a system where each teller gains the skills necessary so that each task runs efficiently. To begin, I will start observing each banker’s, and each teller’s normal routine. I will be listening carefully to the conversations the tellers, and bankers are having with customers. As an observer, I will be taking notes on what the employee’s strengths and weakness are when lobbying to a customer, and working with coworkers. I will continue this process for a week. Once the week is complete, I will have one on one meetings with each employee. After the employee’s one on one meeting is complete, a proposed course of implementation will be to having each employee sign my notes, and receiving a copy. Once signed they will be aware of their strengths and weakness. It will be clear on what they must improve.
Another critical idea I would like to create is a system called Buddy Banker. The ideal is to pair each teller with an assigned banker. If successful the proc...

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