Essay on The At The University Of Houston

Essay on The At The University Of Houston

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To begin this image construction, the author works at The University of Houston – Victoria campus. The Carnegie classification of this campus is a four-year, small, primarily residential with some graduate programs mostly in the school of business. However, the focus of this paper is to examine the meso-level structure that involves the University at the macro-level, the department of Living & Learning at the meso-level, and the author at the micro-level. As illustrated in figure 1.

Figure 1. One instance of a micro, meso, and macro level at UHV

Bánáthy (1992) opines to initiate the construction of an image or often referred to as a lens; one needs to examine the sources. Sources for the construction of an image fall under two domains. The first domain is initiated and pursued by society. Society in this particular example, are norms and standards typically found by those who live in the United States. The constituents establish the role or relevance that education has within the society. Recently, the overall sentiment of the public is that the education system in the US is deteriorating. One point of interest is the public’s rationale that many, if not most, freshman level courses offered by universities are large lecture format courses. Additionally, adjunct faculty or graduate students teach these courses and create conditions are not ideal for students making a successful transition from home to college life. (Inkelas, 2016). Secondly, if students have not developed sufficient study skills, the chances of them being successful is poor, as the six-year graduation rate for public institutes is 58 percent (U.S. Department of Education, National Center for Education Statistics, 2016). Living and learning programs conce...

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...hese key points laid out by Kuh, UHV felt that implementing learning communities would be the most effective measure, especially in conjunction with the newly built resident halls. By doing so, not only enhances the academic perspective of the program, but allow students to build a requisite social support system through living in the residential halls, and co-curricular activities developed for them. Now, the freshmen cohort lives together, they participate in off-campus teamwork activities, and lastly, they take linked courses together. To reiterate, students who are engaged with faculty on and off campus activities, and participate in residential activities will have better academic outcomes. If students are doing well academically in their first year, their retention rate will increase. If students are in school, the likelihood of them graduating also increases.

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