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The At The San Jose Museum Of Art Essay

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Thursday the 14th of January I went to the San Jose Museum of Art. The museum had a two story layout. The basement layout had four pieces of art work and one sculpture. One of my favorite artwork at the basement was the dollar bills display. The display clearly reminded me of the American flag. The American flag on the top left has the stars. In the case of the artwork it was the back side of the dollar bill. In the case of the American flag there is the strips of red and white. But in the artwork there was the dollar bills folded show casing the front of the dollar bill.
The main floor of the San Jose Museum of Art had three areas. The right side entrance had artworks of many different artists. The left side entrance had sculptures. There was sculptures of swords, creatures with human aspects and different kinds of animals. The middle was the main entrance of the museum of art. All the artwork in the middle was by artist named William Wegman. Portrays of artworks was different and unique. Most of artwork provided by the artist had its own unique twist for each piece.
William Wegman is American artist who was born in December 2, 1943. William Wegman was raised in Holyoke, Massachusetts. Wegman was known for his photography not his artwork. Wegman used photography as a way to portray objects outdoor and indoor (Plaque of the art museum). Arrangements is a theatrical events which involved movement of object from one area to another (Plaque of the art museum). Wegman used paintings as a way to portray many different events in his life.
As I was observing Wegman’s different artwork in the museum, I found three art piece that caught my eyes. The first artwork by Wegman is called the Great Indoors, 2013. The second artwork by We...

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...’s showing it by beauty of nature in the settings of lake, mountain or beach. Rather just the scenery of small neighborhood or building. The outdoors is the main theme of all three paintings.
The San Jose Museum of Art was a great experience. I was able to apply what I have been learning to real life. Seeing the artwork in person has provided me an alternative to looking at artworks in a different way. The three artworks that caught my eyes in the attention was all by the artist named William Wegman. The Great Indoors, 2013, Hopper Origami, 2014, and I Kandinsky, 2011 were my favorite pieces of art in the whole museum. Each painting had its own style of uniqueness and made me thinking about what the artist is trying to portray. Overall, walking through all the different painting and sculptures I found myself appreciating the different styles of art in the museum.

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