The At The On Site Meeting Essay

The At The On Site Meeting Essay

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At the On-Site Meeting, we had discussed all of the duties that I was starting to get involved in. For example, imputing information into Coroner ME and working on the year end statistics for 2015. We also talked about the powerpoint I was helping Michael with, called “1000 Ways to Die: Allen County Edition”. I had learned about a lot of different weird circumstances by going through those cases with Michael. I am a little bummed out that I will not be able to attend the Coroner’s Conference to see him present it. We also talked a lot about different scenes we’ve attended and it was interesting to hear both Michael’s and Dr. Byer’s stories. It was also really nice to hear that Dr. Byer’s had a lot of confidence that I would be a good fit for the Allen County Coroner’s Office, because I would be strong enough emotionally to handle the job situation.
One of the main issues I really remembered discussing was to “not put all of my eggs in one basket”, when I mentioned that I had applied for the Fort Wayne Police Department. I was told that it was great that I had figured out more of a direction to go in after my internship but to keep my options open to different agencies and different departments. I have really taken that consideration to heart and have expanded my job horizons. I have looked into joining the Allen County Reserve program, I put in an application to be a volunteer coroner, and I also check the online city and county job postings at least every week.
D. Mid-Term Meeting
Attending the Mid-Term Meeting was an excellent experience and I feel like it was very beneficial to my internship. I loved hearing all of the other interns’ stories about their agencies and what they thought was one of the highlights of their experien...

... middle of paper ... Michael and a lot of horribly funny jail stories from Rebecca. Rebecca once told a story about an inmate who would smear her feces all over the walls of her jail cell because she believed that was the only way to prevent the aliens from impregnating her. Hearing everyone’s stories was definitely one of the highlights of my internship. I had the opportunity to hear stories from firefighters, detectives, vice and narcotics officers, and crime scene investigators. It really helped me see the real side of criminal justice operations. I had told everyone that I was applying for the Fort Wayne Police Department and that I was worried about not passing the physical fitness test. Word spread, and everyone who came into the office offered me their hints and tips for the application process, it was very helpful and it was really nice to know that people were rooting for me.

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