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Three years ago I heard from the Lord to further my studies at The King 's University, and little did I know, this sweet whisper would change the course of my life forever. I was on my way to another amazing university when God spoke to me and said, “You know this is not what I have planned for you, BreeAnna. Apply at The King’s University where I will teach you and grow you.” Little did I know, that simple whisper turned into the sweet melody I would be singing over the course of the next couple years. To learn at TKU means to study and flourish on anointed ground. This university may not be the normal university one would see around the world. It is more than going to class Monday through Friday simply because this university greatly values community, the teachers are genuinely interested in the students as evidenced by the fact that they constantly invest and pour into them, and the harmony of the Scripture that is intertwined within each principle. The foundation of God overflows into each event, classroom and individual. Studying Counseling has been a groundbreaking experience for me. The Biblical Counseling Degree has taught me the value of people, the journey of personal freedom, and the significance found in asking questions, which all of this makes the obedience to God’s call well worth it.
Part I: A Journey Through Foundational Concepts
Through out my time at TKU we were able to encounter many differently classes. One of my personal favorites was the Old Testament course. Old Testament was a class I particularly will never forget because of its rich roots that were filled with facts of the Bible. Something we studied, which I will admit that I was dreading, was the book of Leviticus. I will not forget this portion of the...

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...r glorifying God and to use it to please God, and to avoid sexual desires. Another concept that will always resonate within me is the view that Paul has with his theology of stewardship. In 2 Corinthians 9:8 Paul reveals that God enriches people so that they can bless others, since the pagan principal in which many people followed in this day said to give so that God might give to you. Paul disagrees and says to give so that you may be a blessing to others. Paul also talks about the story of the manna where God provided miraculously, and reminds believers in 1 Corinthians that anything they have is God’s anyway. He also reminds them that what they have on this earth will not be taken with them to their eternal destination. This aligns with TKU’s statement of faith as they too believe that God is the one who first demonstrated the act of giving by giving His only Son.

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