The At The Kent State Center School Of Theatre And Dance 's Production Of Into The Woods

The At The Kent State Center School Of Theatre And Dance 's Production Of Into The Woods

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I attended the Kent State Center School of Theatre and Dance’s production of Into the Woods on November 13th, 2016. The performance took place in E.Turner Stump Theatre, and almost every seat was packed. The seats were lined up in rows, facing in the direction of the stage. The scenery on stage was gorgeous, with Into the Woods, being based on many fairy tales, a lot of the props/scenery looked extremely whimsical and fit into the storyline exceptionally. The audience members did not have a specific “dress” per se, some were more dressed up (i.e. dresses, nice dress pants), while others tended to be casual. However, the audience all exhibited a similar behavior/demeanor, even before the show started, people tended to not be as loud as they were in the hallway previous to the show, once the curtains were drawn though, everyone quieted and the only noise you tended to hear were the laughs at different parts of the show. The performers were into the character extremely well, you could tell that they had rehearsed numerous times, for the show to go off without a hitch. The costumes/wardrobe was outstanding, they fit directly in with the “fairy tale” theme of the show, the most memorable for me was Cinderella’s dress, since it transformed to old and worn out, to a beautiful ball gown on stage.
The music in this show was incredible, but the one that composition that stood out the most to me was “Your Fault” which was sung by five different characters, mostly all at the same time, singing both same and different words. This song is from the musical theater style, because it ties in with the story, while also giving you a “break” from the dialogue. This composition would be my favorite because there was a lot going on, while also tell...

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... come together as a whole. Into the Woods, was a new show for me, one I highly anticipated going to see, and it did not disappoint, the performers, costumes, songs, and scenery were all more than what I had imagined. I enjoyed going to this show, because while a lot of the stories are a tale as old as time, the twist on them made it unpredictable, something that is needed in a musical theatre performance (i.e. West Side Story with Tony and Maria). I would recommend this show to everyone, I am an SSL for and FYE class here on campus and anytime a show is being performed I frequently invite my students to go. Going to see the shows here on campus is something I enjoy, I don’t have a lot of free time, so when I find out the dates, I always make time to go, it’s something that can transport you to another time and place and for two hours allows you to live in the story.

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