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The At The Dining Table Essay

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c. Homework: I let my sons decide whether to work outside, at the dining table, or at their desk in their room. When we home schooled thought, the work was completed at the dining room table ensuring that they would not be confined to their room alone all day. Our table is near a wall of large windows, which made them feel that they were outside. They were able to observe the birds, trees, and water all day long. They were also allowed to enjoy the outdoors anytime they desired. Invest on a pencil sharpener and put it in a central location. It will save time and avoid frustration

d. Noise level: Complete silence is necessary for some people to concentrate. For instance, one of my sons enjoyed to study with music on and my second child with silence (that changed in 9th grade). I allowed my older son to have an earphone and play music, since I also needed background noise to keep focus while in engineering school. Complete silence is unrealistic. When children attend school there will always be distracted, therefore being able to concentrate with noise is in fact an asset.

Celebrate every milestone with the children by treating them for a special lunch or outing.

e. Being able to teach what they learned: After the child studies for a test, ask them questions and allow them to teach it to a sibling. Only when children are able to explain the material to another person, they undoubtedly have mastered the concepts.

f. Flashcards: The child can utilize flashcard for studying different subjects. For math, put the multiplication fact on one side and the answer on the other side. The same can be accomplished with vocabulary, chemistry facts, geography, history, and other subjects.

g. Bad studying habits: Reviewing notes over a...

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... with examples of what worked and did not work, so that I could have used that as a starting point. Instead, the books available were merely a guideline with a listing of curriculums.
In summary, public schools concentrate in meaningless busy work. School children have little time for extracurricular activities and household chores. They can’t spend hours walking in the woods or coming up with creative ways of passing time. They are not learning perseverance. Homeschoolers can work on subjects to the point of mastery and not stop after the bell rang. There is no meaningless work in homeschool! Everything should matter. Homeschoolers build a strong foundation in perseverance that will benefit them later in life.
They are partaking on adults’ conversations of the day to day life, allowing them to be outgoing and able to carry a conversation with adults or children.

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