The Association Between Nurse Leadership And Nursing Job Satisfaction And Retention Rate

The Association Between Nurse Leadership And Nursing Job Satisfaction And Retention Rate

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Nursing management is faced with employing and maintaining employees in the midst of high turnover rates and increased vacancies. Studies show that successful leadership strategies are “demonstrated to be an integral component of retention and should be an important part of any multidimensional recruitment and retention strategy” (Kleinman, 2004, p. 3). The aim of this essay is to explore the association between nurse leadership training as it relates to staff satisfaction and retention rates. Using a systematic search of literature, this essay will attempt to establish how the applications of nursing leadership programs have positive outcomes on nursing job satisfaction and retention rates.

Background/Key Issues:
As nursing turnover remains a problem in the health care environment, the need for effective leadership remains crucial. Nurses are continually faced with emotional exhaustion, long hours, and undesirable work conditions. Furthermore, research demonstrates that nursing management along with these additional factors (low pay, nurse-to-patient rations, unsafe working conditions) play a large role in decreased staff satisfaction. This ongoing problem illustrates “not only to the need to have a sufficient number of nurses to provide quality care…but also the need to attract and keep the best and brightest within the profession” (Kleinman, 2004, p. 2)

High turnover rates present a financial hindrance on healthcare organizations worldwide. A comparison study conducted between 4 countries (US, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand) illustrated that nursing turnover negatively impact hospital budgets, with most of turnover cost going to temporary replacements (Duffield, Roche, Homer, Buchan & Dimitrelis, 2014). Not only do...

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Research literature shows that the absence of nurses is expected to rise in the imminent years. Shortage of nurses combined with high turnover rates results in increased healthcare costs and reduced quality of care. High turnover is also linked with dissatisfaction with nurses in the workplace (Erenstein & McCaffrey, 2007). Nurse leaders have an accountability to foster positive working environments as well as empower their employees. Participation in leadership programs that promote the development of leadership skills has proven to produce improved work conditions and increased staff participation. Kleinman (2004) describes how leadership programs “should be focused, specific, and targeted to required competencies” (p.4). The growth and development of nurse leaders can improve quality health care in addition to promote healthy work environments.

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