The Associate Is An Entertaining Movie That Brings Forth Gender Disparities

The Associate Is An Entertaining Movie That Brings Forth Gender Disparities

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The Associate is an entertaining movie that brings forth gender disparities in the workplace. Whoopi Goldberg, Laurel Ayers, portrays a financial analyst who has been stuck in a position that does not give her true credit for all of her hard work and talents. The Associate exemplifies the sexism that is occurring in the workplace through satiric wit and a strong story line.
In the midst of all of the gender discrimination, Laurel seeks to venture into uncharted territory by being an owner of a corporation, which is a position traditionally dominated by men. In the beginning of the movie, Laurel has been trying to climb up in the corporation that she is working in yet she is unable to achieve such goals. She seeks the aid of collogue, Frank, and they try to strike a deal in order to impress their boss. Laurel puts in all of the effort and hard work to get the deal, but in the end Frank, her co-worker, receives all of the credit for diligent efforts. Laurel has never been given credit for her efforts, and she recognizes that her boss is patriarchal which means no matter how much she tries she will never be in a major position of power. She even faces this problem when she starts her own corporation because no one wants to work with a woman, and that is why she creates the fictional character of Robert Cutty. Her tactic was a way to secure the people she intended to work with that a man was behind the operation, and since men were viewed as more competent, Laurel did just that to help her company forward. This is the aspect of the film that exposes the larger discriminatory ideals behind the treatment of females. Females are often not viewed by men to be in a workplace because the ancient roles of the female in the house overshado...

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...ven if it meant an easy to wealth. She wanted to be acknowledged for her capabilities rather than her body. Camille and Laurel juxtapose to demonstrate the previously identified roles of how women should vs. the role of a woman can be successful by just using her brain. Laurel is the new embodiment on how women should be treated by resetting the common stereotypes on the capabilities of women.
The Associate illustrates the sexism in society by utilizing a strong storyline and many funny jokes. It provides an entertaining method for examining sexism and how discrimination affects the treatment of women. The protagonist, Laurel, eventually becomes successful without a man and on she does it on her own, effectively challenging the ancient roles of woman. By depicting the will and intelligence of women, this movie is sure to change perceptions of women in the workspace.

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