The Associate Director-Customer Service Position Essay

The Associate Director-Customer Service Position Essay

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The Associate Director-Customer Service position is responsible for the leadership of a work group and development of broad programs or projects in support of organizational or area strategies. Manage, communicates & translates functional/operational goals into team goals through professionals and supervisors the activities of a department. The Associate Director shall manage implementation of policies & procedures as well as maintaining results for costs, methods & employees.
1. Responsible for leading a team of supervisors with various experience levels.
2. Responsible to guide, train and develop direct reporting supervisors and representative teams.
3. Oversees the management of Customer Service processes and projects, meeting all project and operational deadlines.
4. Be an advocate and facilitator for change management.
5. Coordinate and participate in hiring needs of Customer Service.
6. Responsible for achieving call handling results and service level goal attainment.
7. Ensure quality standards are met and exceeded.
8. Required to constantly evaluate processes for improvement.
9. Analyze statistical trends and opportunities.
10. Establish and maintain an open door policy, an open communication policy and a motivational demeanor.
11. Promote a proactive approach to Customer Service and exceeding the expectations of our customers via internal measurement systems.
12. Interact with peers in all departments to ensure the identification and resolution of customer and Customer Service affecting issues.
13. Responsible to maintain a thorough knowledge of Human Resources policies and procedures to insure consistency and accuracy.
14. Position is fully accountable for meeting/exceeding organizational deliv...

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...w are the key components of the Plan’s design:
• Performance Planning
o Performance Agreement (Objective-Setting)
• Performance Coaching and Feedback (Ongoing)
o Mid-year Performance Review
• Year-end Performance Review
o Results achieved are correlated to performance objectives

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