Essay on Assisted Suicide Should Not Be An Individual 's Civil Right

Essay on Assisted Suicide Should Not Be An Individual 's Civil Right

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In 1999 a well known physician, Jack Kevorkian, was convicted of second degree murder. One might think that Kevorkian committed the terrible crime of murdering someone, but that is actually far from the truth. Kevorkian was convicted because of something a little unusual; he helped a patient with assisted suicide. Alexander Stingl, a sociologist and science historian, and M. Lee, authors of “Assisted Suicide: An Overview,” define assisted suicide as “any case in which a doctor gives a patient (usually someone with a terminal illness) the means to carry out their own suicide by using a lethal dose of medication.” Kevorkian was convicted because as of right now, assisted suicide is illegal in the United States with the exceptions of Oregon, Montana, and Washington. Huge controversy rose over this case because some feel assisted suicide is a civil right whereas others feel it is unnecessary. Assisted suicide is a practice that has long been debated.
The biggest reason supporting assisted suicide is that should it be an individual’s civil right. Heather Newton, a graduate from Georgetown Univeristy of Law Center, and Micah Issitt, authors of “Assisted Suicide is a Civil Right,” argue that “an individual’s right to choose the time and circumstances of his or her death and/or to seek assistance in facilitating death should be guaranteed and protected by law.” This means that a person should have the right to assisted suicide and have the law supporting their decision. Everyone should be able to decide what they want to do with their life without limitations from the law.
Other reasons supporting assisted suicide is that it can offer relief from pain and control the time and circumstances of death. Sometimes an individual who is sufferin...

... middle of paper ...

... not want to end their life (Quill 58).
It is obvious to see that people have completely opposing viewpoints about assisted suicide. Some feel that assisted suicide is a civil right, terminates pain, and controls the time and circumstances of death. Those who are opposed feel that assisted suicide violates the Hippocratic Oath, encourages suicide, and puts doctors in unfair situations. Even though these two sides contradict each other, there is room for agreement. The two sides can find common ground if assisted suicide is legal with strict regulations such as Oregon’s Death with Dignity Act, and if patients are receiving the best care possible before assisted suicide is considered. After seeing both sides explained without influence of opinions, the decision is up to you to conclude if assisted suicide is something that would hinder or benefit the world we live in.

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