Essay on Assisted Suicide Should Be a Choice

Essay on Assisted Suicide Should Be a Choice

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Anyone with a terminal illness should get the option of assisted suicide. Millions of innocent people suffer every day from physical pain such as heart failure, chronic lung problems, kidney disease, AIDS, cancer and other serious fatal problems [Hospice Report Card]. When a person with a near death illness knows when their life is over they will no longer enjoy the simple things in their life and the slightest trickle of sweat will send them to there knees in excruciating pain. Assisted suicide is legal in Oregon, Washington, and Montana. People from all over the world travel to Switzerland to be assisted with suicide. Residents in Australia make there own suicide pills by having illegal drugs shipped from Mexico to form a super pill [Fast Facts]. These procedures are ways for sick beings to go to a “better place” and be healed.
The suffering a person with a serous illness goes through is enormous. A physician named Dr. Jack Kevorkian stated this, "I have never actually caused a death, but I help people exercise their last civil right. I think physicians who oppose assisted suicides are similar to Nazi doctors, people who torture and experiment on Holocaust victims. Actually, it is the same as torture, to watch someone suffer when you can do something to end that suffering.”[Euthanasia Essay]. Dr. Jack Kevorkian knows that life is worth living, but is it really worth living when you’re on life support and not being able to be around your family and friends. The terminally ill are like lab rats getting experimented on to find new cures. There is no highlight in getting poked and prodded on for your whole life. People from the age of 45 to 64 make up the largest percentage of assisted suicide cases in the US. They have lived a pr...

... middle of paper ... to letting the poor patients that are hurting as much as the babies go with euthanasia.
The advancement in technology has improved greatly over the years and a mass majority of people think they can cure and save everyone. People are meant to die and they will. Anyone who thinks assisted suicide is wrong is more than likely people who don’t understand death. They will treat is as a game and try to cheat out Death. Life on Earth is just temporary. Once we die, we go to heaven, hell or become a spirit larking on Earth for eternity. Assisted suicide is a liberator to numerous people in the world. It has ended the aching and misery of their temporary lives. Assisted suicide is not an escape of someones problems, but a sanctuary to their dreams. No one should use assisted suicide unless they are fatally ill or having or expecting a slow and agonizing death.

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