Assisted Suicide And Death With Dignity Essay

Assisted Suicide And Death With Dignity Essay

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End of life issues
Assisted Suicide and Death with Dignity

When I think about end of life, what it comes to my mind is the last stage of life of a human being, something that is going to happen to all of us at some point. But for some people who unfortunately suffer from terminal illnesses that would only allow them to live a few months there is not such a thing as waiting for the end because they know how painful and devastating will be for them and their families to just wait for those few months to come and they decide to take a very dramatic and life changing decision which is to end their lives with the help of a physician. some people might think of this like suicide, or an easy way of escaping from pain and suffering, people who are diagnosed with a life threatening illness might want to end their life the way they want and in my opinion that does not make them cowards or sinners because they go against of something that we believe is right by morals or religion. After all who are we to judge people who made this difficult decision; we do not know what they are going through, them and their families. It might be easy for society to be against something that they look as immoral because is not them or someone who they love who has to live with a condition that is going to end his/her life in a very short period of time.
When the patient decides to end his/her life is not that he or she is doing it by their own means, they need the help of a professional, a physician to be more specific. This is where the term of assisted suicide comes from. People who are healthy might think why a doctor, who is supposed to care for his or her patients, would help a patient to die. Under some countries ' law, suicide is not a crime, but a...

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...e to ease their pain, then who are we as a society to impose what we feel and what we think is right against the wishes of people who are suffering a pain that we might never feel in our whole lives.

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