Assisted Suicide : A Voluntary Form Of Euthanasia Essay

Assisted Suicide : A Voluntary Form Of Euthanasia Essay

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Physician-assisted suicide is a voluntary form of euthanasia that is currently being used in countries around the world, including the United States. Imagine being terminally ill, living one 's life bedridden and in excruciating pain while family and friends stand by watching the suffering day after day. In a situation like this, being given the option for euthanasia or physician-assisted suicide allows one to end their life with dignity in a safe and painless way. The intent of physician-assisted suicide is to grant people with the right to choose if they are in a proper state of health to continue to live, or if they want to end their suffering. I believe that everyone is in charge of their own life and body. No one should be forced to suffer through painful last days, or intensive treatments that will only prolong death; not when they adamantly do not want to, and there is the option of assisted suicide for them.
There are two sides to every issue though. The opposition views physician-assisted suicide as a way for doctors to have more power, and use this power to take advantage of patients. Many people that are against physician-assisted suicide use the Christian faith to relate it to murder, and the defamation of human life. They argue that there is no dignity in assisted suicide, even if it is the person 's wish, and they view it as giving up. What these people fail to grasp is that at the end of the day these people are in charge of their own lives; they are making an educated decision, with the help of their doctor, that assisted suicide is the best option for them, and that should be respected and held above all else.
The opposition argues that Euthanasia demeans the value of human life, but a person has the fundamenta...

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...ften; most people have experienced, or have had a friend experience, a loved one being terminally ill, or a grandparent being in hospice at some point. When faced between either ignoring a person’s pleas for death, or helping them end their misery in a painless way, abiding by what the patient wants is the most humane thing.
To ease the pain of terminally ill people and to allow them a dignified death, euthanasia or physician-assisted suicide should be legal and implemented in countries around the world. It would not only allow the suffering of the patient to end, but it will also allow the patient 's family and friends to see their loved one die in peace and not have to face the torment that families who can not provide loved ones with this option often face. Denying people the right of this choice is inhumane and only prolongs a person 's physical and mental pain.

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