Assisted Suicide : A Right Or Wrong Essay

Assisted Suicide : A Right Or Wrong Essay

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My article, “Assisted Suicide: A Right or Wrong” by Claire Andre and Manuel Velasquez, discusses the importance of making assisted suicide something to consider when the patient is in pain and does not want to deal with the pain anymore. This article tells the very personal, detailed story of Matthew Donnelly and his time spent before he died. This article was written to open the eyes of people who are against assisted suicide to show them a case where the writers believe it would be acceptable to grant Donnelly’s wish and assisted him in ending his life. The purpose of this text is to be able to persuade the readers to see their point of view and hopefully get them to be for assisted suicide. The authors hope to achieve the well-assisted suicide could actually do, for example, if Donnelly had the availability of assisted suicide his brother, Harold would not have been tried for murder.
I chose this text because it was very personal and it appealed to my pathos. I understood the reasoning to writing this article and the effect it would have on any person who is affected by their emotions. The article’s major topic it’s arguing is the right to have the choice of assisted suicide. In this article, there are many points they hit and discuss pertaining to political and cultural points. The political points discussed in the article are the Acts in California they want to put into place on allowing assisted suicide by physicians. They briefly discuss the legal documents and the proper process when termination is requested. The cultural points the article talk about is the way people are living and judging how this shouldn’t be done and it’s against the moral standings of human beings.
The speaker of the article is very set on her po...

... middle of paper ... is no evidence in their entire article and there is no facts in the arguments.
It was affected by appealing to my pathos, since I am strongly affected by pathos. I react a lot with emotions and connect better when there are emotions I can relate to in any type writing I read. Ethos and Logos barely have an effect on my judgement or thought process when analyzing a piece of writing. Some of the elements that jumped out at me were the strong voice against the arguments it was counter productive to be so strong for and against each other, they didn’t balance themselves out. I can tell that many people are highly against or highly for passing assisted suicide law in states across America. From this article there was no calm in between. The text tells me that in my field there will be big controversial topics that will have drastic sides for and against the topic.

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