Assisted Suicide : A Controversial Topic Of Debate Essay

Assisted Suicide : A Controversial Topic Of Debate Essay

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Assisted suicide is a controversial topic of debate. Laws against assisted suicide are beginning to weaken, although ethical questions will always exist. Most opposition of euthanasia comes from religious groups, including Judaism and Christianity. Although assisted death is opposed by these religions and others, it is favored not only by the individual person, but by our court system as well. In 1994 voters in the state of Oregon passed an initiative to allow doctors, at the request of a capable and terminally ill patient, to prescribe medication for the purpose of ending the persons own life. In the 1997 case of Washington v. Glucksberg, the Supreme Court ruled that Washington’s law prohibiting assisted death was not unconstitutional "Washington v. Glucksberg.”. The Court’s ruling basically allows each state to determine whether or not to allow assisted suicide for themselves. We can see that even though religious views disagree with assisted suicide, our Court of law supports the role it plays in our society.
Throughout the recent years, debate in the U.S. about doctor-assisted death has increased. The question of whether or not a physician should be able to assist in the planned death of a terminally ill person has been disputed by many different sides. Assisted suicide advocates, such as Right to die organizations, argue that human beings whoare terminally ill should have the right to end their suffering and pain in the die with dignity act. Opponents of the subject, such as the American Medical Association argues that the idea is ethically wrong and will lead the medical world to value death more then the preservation of life. This also contradicts the common Hippocratic Oath “To do no harm” that doctors and physicians alik...

... middle of paper ... should be cherished instead of willingly ended. And though that opinion has a lot to do with religious values, one has to consider a person that is suffering should not be forced to withstand that pain. Opponents say it is ethically and morally wrong to willingly end a person 's life, however it is just as wrong, if not worse to allow and even force a person to suffer only to eventually die anyway. In conclusion both sides have ethical and moral support; however, the pro life side cannot roduce vaidilty to support why someone who is terminally ill and in pain to continue to live their life when their going to die anyway. Those for death with dignity can at least offer that their side gives an alternative to suffering, its clear this debate will always be a conflicting topic. Aside from the moral argument, the Death with Dignity Act is doing its part in Oregon.

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