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Assignment : What Is Faith? Essay example

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Writing Assignment 2: What is Faith?
1. Faith is defined as “belief without sufficient evidence.” The belief part of the definition means to think that something is true. Evidence is how we justify the belief. Sufficient refers to the amount and type of evidence needed which depends on the context. With all of these definitions combined you would get that faith means to think something is true without a good amount or type of evidence to justify the belief. If we think that this is the definition of faith, then our desires are shaped based on what we think. We think our way into loving. We adapt God to fit our view of the American dream. In all of this, our thinking comes before love. This version of faith may be beneficial because one doesn’t have to question the existence of God. Since they know they believe that they don’t need solid proof, they should have is no trouble with the fact there is none for the existence of God. It’s a childlike faith where nothing could deter or harm the belief because there is no proof (or disproof) of what they believe in. They have to totally depend on the fact they believe that God cares them. However as Clifford points out, this way of thinking is bad because the belief could be factually inaccurate and/or ethically wrong. Even if the faith is “good” in terms of its impact on society it can lead to people not being able to think for themselves, and they will begin to accept authority figures and what others say without challenging themselves or the people who are giving out the information.
2. Smith says we act on what we want, not what we (usually) think, and what we want is based on love, and what we love is based on our goal of the “good life.” Our desires come first, and our thoughts fo...

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...od wants and what we want. Sometimes God wins out and sometimes our selfish desires win. If you compare what we think versus what we actually do, a lot of time what we think does not match up with what we do. This is how we know that love/desire has won over thoughts. Love has led to action while lots of time thoughts just stay within and nothing is done about them. Believing without evidence, the thinking faith, would make no difference to the world if it were true. If the faith via love is more accurate, then a Christian’s whole life would be changed because of it. I would rather have a faith that is based on love because love is (usually) a good thing and it (should) lead to action that is centered on God. If faith is belief without sufficient evidence, then I am just a person who has been indoctrinated and cannot think for myself which does not sound appealing.

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