Assignment Questions On What College Essay examples

Assignment Questions On What College Essay examples

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Felicia Marsala
Dorothy Stringer
English 0802 Section 028
19 March 2016
Rough Draft 1 Assignment 2 Part 2
When students begin to think about what college they want to attend or what career they want to pursue, some know exactly the path they are going to follow; some do not even know where to start. For those who do not know, they might have an idea of what they are interested in but some colleges might not offer the topics as majors. Overall, they have to research and figure out what their declared major would be. In addition to interest, students look at money as well and account for that factor when they decide on a major. Nowadays, not only are students going to college, but so are adults. Those who went through high school will go back and earn their college degree, usually a bachelor’s, or those who dropped out of high school will go back and earn their GED. These individuals return to complete a degree for two main reasons: employment and money. Some grocery stores today require a high school diploma or two to four years of college just to be considered as a potential store manager candidate. Today, with the way the United States economy’s functions, higher education is important to both local and regional economies since the economy is what stabilizes jobs and increases income.
The United States uses a mixed economy which incorporates both the free-market economy and the command economy. As a comparison, Asia has a mixture of both a communistic economy and an economic democracy. Despite the different types of economies, the United States and Asia share characteristics of the school system’s set-up, but also differ from each other in that the basis for higher education begins at different age levels. In the past schools i...

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