Assignment Questions On Nursing Logic Essay

Assignment Questions On Nursing Logic Essay

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ATI Assignment two
Nursing logic

The second assignment on ATI was called Nursing Logic. Under this module, there were four units; knowledge and clinical judgment, nursing concepts, priority setting frameworks, and testing and remediation. These units provided rich explanations to nursing students on how to gain knowledge and obtain the necessary clinical judgment, the importance of prioritizing care in certain situations, and the values of testing and remediation throughout nursing school.
Unit one discussed what knowledge is and how to obtain it. This unit stated that the ATI’s helix of success serves as guidance for knowledge and clinical judgment, which are the base for success in the nursing practice. For a nurse, having knowledge (first vertical strand of the helix) in specific areas such as biological, physical, pharmacology and math is crucial. These elements empowers the nurse to promote health and prevent diseases. Along with knowledge, clinical judgment (second vertical strand of the helix) is another important factor for a nurse to have in order to provide patient-centered care. Moreover, this unit revealed that there are two types of thinking; foundation which is the most basic level of thinking and critical, which is a higher level. To close this unit, communication was mentioned to be one of the most exercised factor in nursing field. Therefore, it is highly important for a future nurse to present a correct body language and speech when communicating with patients and family members to avoid misinterpretation from them.
The second unit addressed the ten horizontal bars of the ATI’S helix of success. They are client-centered care, interdisciplinary collaboration, evidence-based practice, quality improvement, inf...

... middle of paper ... not matter if the student possess good testing skills, without the proper knowledge, success is hardly achieved. Added to the closing of this unit, NCLEX, which is the computerized examination that a graduate student must take, was mentioned along with the types of questions that are found on it. Questions such as drag and drop, hot spot with images, chart and exhibit items, graphic images (pictures of positions), mathematical skills, and audio format will appear on the NCLEX. The test can take up to 6 hours and have between 75 and 265 questions. There are four categories of questions found on it, which include safe and effective environment, health promotion and maintenance, psychosocial integrity, and physiological integrity. Successful completion of the NCLEX proves the person has the minimum knowledge required to possess the licensure to be a registered nurse.

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