Assignment On The Nurse Manager Essay

Assignment On The Nurse Manager Essay

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• The nurse manager was always available to all staff members. She rounds the unit from time to time and the staff stated that their nurse manager is very supportive.
• New employees are oriented for a total of 7 weeks and experienced nurses for 4 weeks. However, the staff verbalized the orientation process varies. One nurse stated that she was oriented for 4 weeks as a new graduate, while others completed their 7 weeks. The first week is an in-class education about the policies and procedures of the hospital, wound care, and training for the devices and tools they use in the hospital. The rest of the orientation process (3 to 6 weeks) is floor training.
• Nurses are designated a preceptor, but not a mentor. Nurses that just finished their orientation process stated that they usually ask their former preceptors, the charge nurse, or a nurse with more experience than them if they have questions. Preceptor training programs are available but are only optional. Not all preceptors were trained for this role.
• The hospital is teamed up with Flex Ed (an organization that provides continuing education), and the employees are encouraged to pursue certifications and additional education. The classes are either free or have minimum charge, and the hospital pays the employee on an hourly basis. Employees can accumulate 8 hours of educational time per paycheck. They are given up to $10,000 for tuition reimbursement for every degree the staff finishes ($2,500 per school year maximum). Attending conferences are supported, however, none of the nurses working during the observation have attended a conference.
• The committee structure is dependent upon the committee needs. Since the hospital is physician owned, most committees are composed ...

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...the age of 16 are not allowed. If a family member wants to stay for the night, the assigned nurse for that patient must obtain an order from the physician and it must justify the need for the family member.
• The mission and the vision of the hospital show that the organization and the nursing department are committed to providing the best care for their patients using a patient-centered approach with the latest technologies while employing a compassionate care from the best healthcare providers (Olympia Medical Center, n.d.).
• The nursing department does not have a separate mission and vision, however, they do have a separate organizational chart for nursing: Chief Nursing Officer, Unit Nursing Director, Charge Nurse, Resource Nurse (if no charge nurse), Registered Nurses, Licensed Vocational Nurses, and Nurses’ Aides (arranged according to the chain of command).

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