Assignment Of Marketing Management ( Apple Iphone6 ) Essay

Assignment Of Marketing Management ( Apple Iphone6 ) Essay

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Concordia Institute of Business. National institute of Education.

Assignment of Marketing Management (BUS 651)
Marketing (Apple iPhone6)
Diploma in Business Management (level 7)
Specialization in Information Technology

Submitted To:
David Cooke

Submitted By:
Paramveer Singh,
Level 7(Diploma in Business Management
Specialization in IT)


History Of iPhone
iPhone Trend
Aim Of iPhone6
Apple background and mission
Categories of iPhone
Advantages of iPhone 6
Target Market
Marketing strategy used by “Apple Corporation”
Pricing Strategy
Porter Five Forces
Reason to buy iPhone6


iPhone 6 is designed in America and made in many countries like china, Vietnam. It is best model of iphoneuptodate. iPhone 6 is a simple in design and has large screen size as compared to previous models of iPhone. Iphone6 has latest operation system which is called ios 8.Moreoverits quality can be seen from finished edges and surface with high quality metal. It has powerful dual core processor for easy multitasking which also has been made easy by its retina HD display. It is 6-9mm thin. IPhone 6 has high end screen with natural colours which also make it easier to see at wider angles with high. IPhone 6 has A8 chip which is manufactured on second ge...

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...mera: The new camera in IPhone 6 has bring a lots of debates over the internet, that how they could made it possible in such small pixels camera. Camera of IPhone 6 has capability of taking full bright features even in low light or in night. The features in camera are: exposure, colour rendering, autofocus. IPhone 6 got total of 90 points for camera out of hundred.

Conclusion:iPhone 6 isbest product of Apple. The company is known for brand and features
Company is chasing their every their old is mixture of all features. It is world most sold phone all over the history. The wide screen moving screen is best option in phone. All over we can say it is best product of company and people are satisfied with product and wait for new product with new features.

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