Assignment Number 10 : And The 4 Levels Of Knowing Essay

Assignment Number 10 : And The 4 Levels Of Knowing Essay

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Assignment number 10 definitely was not an easy one. It took a lot of critical thinking and processing different key learning topics we have learned so far throughout this semester to figure out what I wanted to write about. Having the ability to connect two similar but yet different ideas is not always the easiest to do. Once you really stop and think about the two you chose, it finally will start to make sense like they did in my assignment. I started to see where I was going and it was fitting like pieces of a puzzle. The two Key Learnings I chose were the 5 Patterns of Organization and the 4 Levels of Knowing. I chose these two because they were probably the fuzziest for me and I wanted to see how I could connect them together.
The first pattern I connected was Description. I put the words Retrieval and Comprehension in this category because description involves describing something including word such as who, when why and where. When you take in or pull words from your Long Term Memory, you and retrieving these words. You are bringing them out and using them wisely and correct...

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