Assignment: Marketing the Playstation 4 Essay

Assignment: Marketing the Playstation 4 Essay

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Viral Communications Assignment
To introduce the product this is what we will say to make it sell: The PlayStation 4 is the most innovative and imaginative gaming console to be unleashed that delivers new gaming experiences that have been seen before:
The PlayStation 4 comes with 8 GB of unified system memory and easily modifiable processors that provide amazing graphics and in depth user capabilities. The PS4 has the capability of really getting to know the user and will pre-load content for them based on their preferences. The PS4 also lets the user play a game while they are downloading other things, and its Remote Play allows them to play a variety of PS4 games on the PS Vita system. The new dual shock controller has drastically improved since the PS3. It now incorporates trigger buttons, better analog sticks, and a touch pad that supports swiping and multi-touch motions, giving the player a better gameplay experience. The new PlayStation Network allows gamers to play online multiplayer games, gives the gamer exclusive discounts as well as free automatic system updates. (Sony Computer Entertainment America LLC, 2014)
Welcome to a new world of gaming, where anybody can sign in on the PlayStation Network and start playing their favorite games with anybody anywhere around the world.
The first thing we will do to get the new innovative PlayStation 4 message to spread will be to create an advertising message with a slogan that will stick in the minds of consumers. The slogan will read “PlayStation 4 the future of gaming is finally here!” The Sony PlayStation 4 will derive large amounts of social currency from the PlayStation Network since most of its features are essential for online game play. These online features will ...

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...ow that we have done what we wanted and created a need for the product by consumers. All these measurements will help us determine if our campaign was a big success or if it was a flop.

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