Assignment : A Past Conflict Essay

Assignment : A Past Conflict Essay

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PD7 Assignment 4

A past conflict that I have had happen to me at one of my previous workplaces was when a fellow co-worker frequently made rude jokes and unprofessional remarks. At my seconds co-op job I was on a medium-sized team, where a lot of the work would be done in small groups. One of those people whom I frequently worked with would often sarcastically say things like how his work was killing him or how he would rather die than file another TPS report. I am not normally the kind of person to get upset by these kinds of things, but I had recently experienced the death of somebody close to me. Due to this my co-workers comments were really bothering me. Eventually one day after he made a really inappropriate remark I asked him if he could stop and explained my situation ( I did this is a rather heated outburst). He apologised the next day and told me he meant no harm and that it was just his way of blowing off steam and that it the future he would make an effort to watch what he says more. After this the co-worker stopped with his crude humour (around me at least) and we were able to get along somewhat better afterwards. I’m not saying that I handled this situation very well; I’m just using it as my example (If I had known the content from chapter seven about addressing conflict at the time I would have used it).
My contribution to this conflict was due to the fact that I was still upset over a recent death and more sensitive to the subject than normal (usually jokes and remarks like the ones he was saying do not bother me and sometimes I even find the humour in them). When I finally confronted my co-worker about this issue I was much too harsh with him and almost yelled at him. My lack of action by not brining th...

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...he advantage of this conflict style is that it is hard to argue against it; however that is not always a good thing. Luckily my co-worker agreed in the end or else things could have been much worse. If I could re-live this conflict I would definitely use a different communication style such as accommodating so that I could increase my relationship with the co-worker instead of making it worse.
Some areas of conflict resolution that I know challenge me are the more empathetic parts of Intent-Action-Effect. I know that I often can’t seem to figure out why somebody is doing an action or figure out what their intent truly is. I want to develop this further because it is a very important skill to have in the workplace and in life overall, since they are both filled with conflicts. To be more aware of this I plan on practicing it more often and reading up on it some more.

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