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Self-discovery in Their Eyes Were Watching God

In the novel, "Their Eyes Were Watching God" Janie discovers much about herself and the people around her. She learns about the people around her with her marriages, her moving with Joe, and her being wife of a mayor. Janie's major self-discovery is when she is young sitting out in her yard looking at the tree, thinking about how she is changing.

When Janie gets married the first time, it is because her grandma wants her to, not for love. She married Logan Killicks because her grandmother was dying and she wanted to see Janie taken care of. When Janie goes to live with him, at first Logan gives her anything she wants and treats her like a princess. Then as time goes on he starts telling her that she is spoiled and that she needs to do work.

After Logan starts getting "unnice" to Janie, she runs off with Joe. Joe and Janie had been talking and Joe knew how Logan had been treating her. When they run off, Joe took her to a small town, which he thought was going to be expanding. Joe became mayor of the town, which made Janie the mayor's wife. Joe built a store in the town, and he had Janie running the store. Janie just had one problem with this, Joe made her keep her hair up because he had seen other men looking at her. Joe also wouldn't let Janie talk to other people because he felt that she didn't need to be part of the gossip.

Janie's self-discovery was from the beginning of her teenage years, when she sat out in the yard looking at the pear tree and comparing the way it grew and blossomed to herself. That was when her self-discovery started and it doesn't stop until she will die, because you always find something new out about yourself.

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