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Spiritual Growth in Siddhartha and the Movie (Film), Seven Years in Tibet

The novel Siddhartha and the film Seven Years in Tibet are both comparable. They have similar plots and can relate to each other in many different ways. There are many characters that almost have identical personalities. In addition, both the novel and the movie are based upon ideas of Buddhism. Throughout both the novel and the movie there are many connections that can be made to show how both of these stories relate.

During the movie and the novel there are many similar themes. There are many examples that show compassion for all living creatures. Having respect for all living beings is a belief for Buddhists. In the movie, Heinrich was building a movie theatre for the Dalai Lama. The townspeople were helping them, but while they were digging they noticed earthworms were living there. It would be cruel for them to kill the earthworms; so in order to build the movie theatre they must remove all of the earthworms and put them somewhere else to live. In the novel, Siddhartha always had respect for nature. The river is an object that meant a great deal to him. Siddhartha could never disrespect the river because that is what helped him get further on his journey to enlightenment.

In the beginning of the movie, Heinrich leaves his wife pregnant. He doesn't care that he put climbing before his responsibilities of having a family. This shows how cold and egocentric Heinrich was in the beginning of Seven Years in Tibet. Siddhartha also has a period in his life when he is egocentric. While Siddhartha was with the Samanas, all he cared about was his own well-being. The small portions of food he acquired from begging was only to feed himself. Siddhartha never offered anything to anyone else while he was traveling with the Samanas.

There are many characters from both the movie and the novel that are alike. Siddhartha and Heinrich are both the main characters in which the story revolves around. They both are on a journey and grow throughout their trip. They learn what life truly means to each of them. Govinda and Peter are also two characters that are similar. Govinda is a companion of Siddhartha, and Peter is a friend of Heinrich. Each of these characters leaves them a certain point so they can learn on their own. Vasudeva and the Dalai Lama also help to shape the main characters of the story. They have both achieved internal peace, and help to guide the main characters in that direction.

Seven Years in Tibet and Siddhartha are two different stories that have many similarities. They both show how the main character learns and grows while incorporating ideas of Buddhism. Siddhartha achieves nirvana and Heinrich gets to be with his son. Both of the main characters set out with goals and in the end these goals are accomplished. The film and the novel have the same main idea which is to find one's inner peace.

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