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Improving Race Relations


Last summer, I wrote an essay for a Freshman Composition course on the subject of race relations. Called "A Single-Hued World: Laughable or Logical?" the paper explored the effects of a world where people could not visually distinguish race.


The constantly reoccurring issue of race is one I'm familiar with. It annoys me sometimes. I'm biracial and I love it, but I detest standardized forms that demand I label myself as one race. I don't see my ethnicity as "check only one," and I don't feel that picking only one is an option.


I do think about race, though, and I feel very strongly that race relations will naturally improve with time, as a two-stage process occurs. First, ethnic differences should continue to be celebrated, as they are currently in California. Cultural holidays, festivals, and trends will gain popularity across nationalities, and races historically degraded will gain the pride necessary to attain cultural confidence. Mexican, Black, Asian Pride will grow greatly, and people will appreciate contrasts between them.


In time, equality of races will become an obvious state, and the importance of race will diminish. If people don't have to fight for their value as people, their insecurities will vanish. So in time, I believe racial differences will evolve into a triviality, something easily ignored.


All I could possibly suggest to improve race relations is that this process be allowed to continue without interference. Multicultural exhibitions and displays that inform people about different ethnic customs and traits, as well as showing racial pride, should be encouraged. In time, they will no longer be necessary.


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