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Jane Eyre vs. Boyz 'n' the Hood


When people are making choices sometimes they don't think of how they could affect someone else. In the novel Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte, Jane chooses to leave Mr. Rochester. In the movie Boyz 'n' the Hood Tre decides not to participate in a shooting spree. He result of some choices could have a bad aftermath, which not only affects the person deciding, but also the people around them.


The choices that Jane makes has different reactions, such as when she left Mr. Rochester, because she found that he was already married. It caused him to plummet into a deep state of depression. She only thought that she was betrayed, used, and it was a huge mistake. "I was hateful n my own eyes. Still I could not turn, nor retrace on step."(210) Another one of her choices was when St. John asked her to marry him." Jane, come with me to India: come as my help and fellow laborer." (273) This obviously shows that he didn't love her. She made the choice not to go with him as his helper. Her final decision was to try to find Mr.Rochester. She went to Thornfield and inquired about him. She found out where he was and went there as fast as she could. "Delightful consciousness."(299) Your consciences will always be your guide to solving life's problems.


In the movie Boyz 'n' the Hood Tre also made some choices. For example when he was in grade school he made a mistake when he started acting up in class, and when he got in trouble, he was sent to his father's home. At his father's house he learned responsibility and how to be a man. He regretted acting up in school, because now he had to suffer the consequences by cleaning his father's house. He also had the choice of who he hung out with. In his case you have to be very careful of who you hung out with, or you can get yourself into a lot of trouble. This is very prominent when Tre is walking with DoughBoy's brother down an ally way. Tre wants to stick together, but his friend thinks it may be better to split up. In this case Tre is in the same predicament as when Jane decides to leave Mr. Rochester. Tre knows he is wrong but his friend persuades him that it would be better. The scene continues and his friend is shot to death. That night he is so angry, along with his other friends, and they go out and try to find the killers. Tre didn't think about how this could affect his father or mother. His dad was up all night worrying where his son could be. After riding around town for hours Tre is contemplating, wondering if this is the right path to go down. This also happened to Jane she wondered if she should be with Mr. Rochester after she left him until St. John asked her to marry her. Tre ends up getting out of the car and walking home. This decision affects him for the rest of his life.


Choices affect everyone ever day. Fire fighters make choices every time they run into a burning building. You make choices about what you do every day. Some of those choices have repercussions that we don't think about. We will always make mistakes or bad choices. We are only human.

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