Assessment Through The Student 's Eyes By Rick Stiggins Essay

Assessment Through The Student 's Eyes By Rick Stiggins Essay

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In the article “Assessment Through the Student’s Eyes” by Rick Stiggins, the author elaborates his views on successful student testing. He begins by describing how students based on their emotional condition are projected into two onset categories after they are assessed. The classifications are “Students on Winning Streaks” and “Students on Losing Streaks” (Stiggins, 2007). Stiggins believes that either label transmits a stigma for the student and alternative measures should be applied to break this cycle. Especially for students who are on the trailing side. Children who constantly fail an assessment tend to shut down and lose faith in achieving their goals. Therefore, constant testing should be applied; however, with reformed and appropriate approaches so students can acquire more success rates (Stiggins, 2007).
The author also believes that continuous assessments should be considered by all educators as a positive tool for establishing the student’s strengths and weaknesses. He states in his article that “by constantly applying the principles of assessment for learning, we can produce impressive gains in student achievement, especially for struggling student” (as cited in Black & William, 1998). When an educator can pinpoint children’s academic weaknesses, the teacher in turn can implement the correct strategies to assist them. However, before a teacher can continue student knowledge cultivation the student cannot feel inept to try. Therefore, Stiggins suggests measures must be taken to modify testing strategies so educators can scope the root of the student’s difficulties and anxieties. Stiggins places an emphasis on the child’s emotional state after assessments since constant failure “can raise questions, crack that confi...

... middle of paper ... also incorporate better lifestyle behaviors before taking a test such as, retiring to bed earlier the night before or eating a hearty breakfast in the morning. These types of assessment practices and customs can build positive self-confidence in children who in turn will succeed. On the contrary, if they have negative premeditated thoughts of impending doom they will be sure to fail. It is known that a positive attitude in any situation is the greatest foundation for success. Now that I have returned to school with the ambition of becoming an educator, I am extremely pleased to witness some of the positive evolutions regarding assessments. Stiggin’s point of view is very well noted and will stay with me throughout my teaching career. Although, I am very aware this is a subject matter that always has room for improvements and should continuously be under review.

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