Essay on Assessment One - Analysing Marketing Opportunities

Essay on Assessment One - Analysing Marketing Opportunities

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Assessment One - Analysing Marketing Opportunities

Serial is a Sydney based company that has just launched a new breakfast cereal called Calorie Crunch. Serial aims to provide a healthy and convenient breakfast cereal that would appeal to an older target market. Calorie crunch is a low carb, low fat and low calorie cereal that contains organic dried fruits to provide a healthier and more environmentally friendly option for breakfast.
The purpose of this report is to analyse the current and future trends in the macro-environment that will impact upon the product.
The macro environment is made up of any external forces beyond the company’s control that will impact performance and planning. The macro environment consists of six main forces; Demographic, Economic, Natural, Technological, Political and Cultural which will be discussed throughout this report.
Demographic environment
Demographics are described as use of statistics to study the size, density, age, sex, race or occupations of the human population. Calculating trends from demographics can help to predict future trends which will provide information on target markets and changing structures. For example one structure that was essential when choosing the target market for the cereal was the changing age structure.
The Australian Bureau of Statistics show that the people aged over 65 in 1970 made 8% of the population; this increased to 13% in 2001 and is expected to increase further within the next 40 years to a point of almost doubling to around 25%. This drastic increase in the people aged of 65 and over is associated with the decrease in birth rates and the increase in life expectancy. Due to the rise in the age market and the future it was important to aim the...

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