The Assessment Of The Community Health Assessment Essays

The Assessment Of The Community Health Assessment Essays

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The second issue prioritized in the improvement plan, based on the findings of the community health assessment, is identifying how to increase “utilization of and access to preventive care, and support healthy behaviors.” In addition, this task includes improving “knowledge and capacity to manage stress in a healthy way” (Read, 2012). These two strategic issues were combined as one issue because of significant overlap. Stress is an underlying cause of many preventable health conditions. Familial stress was identified as an issue that is more and more common in the region, and in the community health survey, respondents identified many areas of stress that affect health. Furthermore, healthy behaviors such as being physically active, or receiving the recommended vaccinations, were identified as important factors for a healthy community. The Local Public Health System assessment revealed that the local public health system has many strengths as well as weaknesses (Read, 2012). Strengths are in the areas of laws and regulations, policies and investigating health problems. Weaknesses are in the area of evaluation, workforce development, and community mobilization. Much came out of this process.
Today, timothy hay is a major Kittitas County cash crop, generating $35 to $38 million paid to the farmers and an additional $80 million or so pumped into the economy as farmers then “spend money on everything from equipment to labor, according to the Kittitas County Chamber of Commerce” (Don, 2014). Although not a labor intensive crop, “the growing, storage and distribution of timothy hay is an important component of the local economy” (Don, 2014). While this may seem unrelated, this is important to understanding the local economy of Kittitas...

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...ealthy behaviors and preventive care would go a long way in improving the health of Kittitas County residents. The plan with this is to fill the position by December 2016. This will allow for time to implement policies, programs, and/or activities to encourage and support health in the workplace as well as personal life by December 2017. The quick turnaround in this action plan is the fact the county already has some positive health behaviors in place. Kittitas County is significantly better than Washington State in bicycle helmet use in youth and teen pregnancy rates. National targets have also been met in adult obesity, adult physical activity, breastfeeding, and teen condom use. Should this be paired with more healthful food choices and other positive behaviors, health of the county will go up, stress will go down, and Kittitas County will have a happier populace.

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