The Assessment Of A Nurse Manager Essay

The Assessment Of A Nurse Manager Essay

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Ten years ago the Gulf Coast was devastated by Hurricane Katrina. Post Katrina there was a nursing shortage, because nurses were slow to return home to work. The nurses that did return home and returned to work were faced with employment that required mandatory overtime. It was common practice for a nurse to work greater than 40 hours per week. Nurses working greater than 40 hours a week posed a great risk to their personal health and an even greater risk to their patient safety. The goal of hospitals is to treat people, whether nurses or patient with dignity and respect.
Who is the policy intended customers?
The internal customers are the nurse, nursing executive office and unit nurse manager. It is the nursing staff that are suffers when they are focused to worked mandatory overtime with or without an advance notice. It is the Nursing Executive Office that approves hospital nursing policies. It is also the Unit Nurse Manager that post the unit schedule with inadequate nursing to cover the minimum unit census. External customers are the patient. It the patient quality of care that suffer when you have an overworked nurse, which can result in a medication error or even worst mortality.
What are the customers’ needs?
The nurse and patient needs are simple, to be treated with dignity and respect. The patient deserves a nurse that has had adequate rest between her shift. Adequate rest is at least 10 hours’ rest period after working a 12 hours shift. The nurse deserves to work on a unit that has sufficient staffing. The nurse executive officer and unit nurse manager needs are also the same, adequate nursing staff to better handle the fluctuation in unit census and nurse sick calls.

How will the policy respond to customers’ needs?...

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... for implementing sign on incentive or contracting a nurse staffing agency. It will be the unit nurse manager job to explain what evidence base practice reveal are risk to the patient, nurse and hospital when you work a nurse greater than 40 hours per week.
Overworking nurses puts the patient, nurse and hospital at risk. “The patient is at risk for medication-related errors, poorer patient care, increased risk for adverse outcomes including pneumonia, infections, myocardial infarction and mortality”(). “The nurse is at risk for neck, shoulder, back injuries, burnout, absenteeism and nurse job dissatisfaction leading to turnover”(). The hospital is at risk for low scores on patient satisfaction surveys. Low score on patient satisfaction survey measure disqualify hospital from reimbursement from healthcare reform law 2010 pay-for-performance incentives ().

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