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Assessment Methods in Business Essay

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When accessing the performance of an IS, Palmius (2007) cites three types of approach are the most common: economical benefit, usability measurement and measurement of user/customer satisfaction. Economical benefits are linked frequently in return on investments (ROI) and cost-benefit analysis (CBA). Usability measurements regularly refer to interface quality while user/consumer satisfaction indicates quality of service studies. All of these can be indicator of performance in some specific level, but isolated they cannot measure the success of an IS.
Much of the assessment methods are described by the following categories: observation of a system and the interactions of users within it, gathering the opinion of users, experience, interpretation of interactions that occur or prediction of the use that will be made the computer system.
One more thought to be considered before reviewing the models is that a model that does not account, in some way, for economical analysis is already an incomplete model, as financial aspects always play a big role in big systems decisions like these. Very few would absorb a big loss financially to have an excellent system from a technical and user perspective, so it certainly needs to be considered.
Researching through articles and books, the model which is the most cited is Delone and Mclean (D&M) model of IS success. It is often the base for others models versions and variations. The first version of the model was created in 1992 and contained six interdependent components:
• System quality - alludes to measures of the data processing structure itself, essentially how well the software and hardware cooperate. Involves Convenience of access, flexibility of the system, integration of systems, respon...

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...p model which represents the situations that there could be a gap among expectations and what is really offered from the perception of clients and the service provider.
The explanation of each gap:
• Gap 1 - distance between what clients expect and what service providers believe they expect
• Gap 2 - gap between management perception and service quality specification
• Gap 3 – difference of the service specification to the delivery of the service
• Gap 4 - gap between the delivery of the customer service and what is communicated to customers
• Gap 5 – distance of a customer's perception of the service and the customer's expectation of the service
Service quality for each dimension is calculated by a difference score of G, what denotes perceived quality for that dimension), where G=P-E and P is the average rating of a dimension’s perception and E the expectation.

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