Assessing the Results of Neck Reconstruction in Patients with Burn Scars

Assessing the Results of Neck Reconstruction in Patients with Burn Scars

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Neck reconstruction is considered as one of the most important surgeries in cosmetic and reconstructive surgery. The present study aimed to assess the results of reconstructive surgery of extensive face and neck burning scars using tissue expanders.
This descriptive prospective study was conducted on 36 patients with extensive burning scars on the neck and face. Operation for tissue expander insertion was performed and tissue distension started two or three weeks later, depending on the patients’ incisions. After sufficient time for tissue expansion, while removing the expander and excision of the lesion, the expanded flap was used to cover the lesion. Overall, 43 cosmetic surgeries were done.
Rectangular expanders were employed in most patients (73.81%) and were located in the neck in most of them (60.78%). Complications were detected in five patients (13.89%), with exposure of the prosthesis being the most common one. Scar tissues at the reconstruction site and the flap donor site were acceptable in 94.44% and 98.18% of the cases, respectively. Overall, most of the patients (77.78%) were satisfied with the operation results.
Using tissue expanders in tissue reconstruction of extensive neck and facial burning scars results in highly desirable outcomes.
Keywords: Reconstruction, Face and neck burring scar, Tissue expander

The skin of face and neck is commonly exposed to flame burns, boiling water, steam, and caustic gents. Face and neck reconstruction is considered as one of the most important and most difficult surgeries in cosmetic and reconstructive surgery. However, in burn, there is a great deal of sequella, such as dysfunction and motion limitation of neck, jaws, a...

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...n results (16). In another study, the results of reconstructive surgery were quite satisfactory in all the patients (12).
One of the limitations of this study was the impossibility of following some patients up after the surgery. Also, because many patients were referred from a distant city, sometimes the injection interval became too long.
Overall, the results of this study has shown that using tissue expanders in reconstruction of extensive face and neck burning scars has lead to satisfactory results. As shown in Figures 2 to 8, reconstruction of the face and neck scars using this method not only have been very pleasant in terms of the beauty for both patient and his/her family, but also it has shown a significant improvement on the patient's appearance. Yet, more research is required to investigate some methods for lessening the complications of these techniques.

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