Essay on Assessing the Main Threats of IS/IT Outsourcing

Essay on Assessing the Main Threats of IS/IT Outsourcing

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The first main threats of IS/IT outsourcing are the issue of trust because it has become very important things to ensure that third parties into personal or confidential information to protect that information from misuse and not authentic. Basically, customer organization is needed increasingly being held responsible for securing and protecting customer information. The protection of customer they need use the approved authorization to avoid problem or misuse for those who like hackers. Furthermore, it also concern in regard to unauthorized and unintended disclosure of government confidential or proprietary information, as well as intellectual property.

The other threat of outsourcing is loss of the technical knowledge that means a client gradually lose their understanding of the service over time. For example, when provider deliver innovative services, the client can have the problem such as they can’t be transfer and also the firm may lose the capacity to stay up to date with the technological breakthrough.

Lack of expertise also is one of main threats outsourcing. It can be difficult to find the third parties or other people with a proven team of experts who are experienced in industry being serviced such as in specific computer application, programming languages and more. It will be happen when they had to use the manual ways to provide lists of their staff with their resumes, and should retain the right to approve any substitutes.

Beside that, staff problem also is a threat of outsourcing because they as workers face an uncertain situation which provokes anxiety, low morale, and feeling of insecurity which can lead to a decrease in their productivity levels. These will also cause if some of the staff who have...

... middle of paper ...

...on of the outsourcing.

When all threat of outsourcing is considered that’s mean it is a continual process to use the outsourcing should be reviewed and to ensure the protection mechanism of information. In terms of security also needs to ensure and make an assessment for addressing security within an organization.

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