Assessing Policy Solutions for a Sustainable Future Essay

Assessing Policy Solutions for a Sustainable Future Essay

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Money does not make the world go round; rather it is oil (Gelpke & McCormack, 2006). In A Crude Awakening: The Oil Crash, a horrifying picture is pained of a planet dwindling closer to self-destruction through the depletion of its resources. Credited sources, as well as the documentary, note how difficult a technological revolution would be in assessing the oil crash and establishing a need to create policy solutions to assist in the regeneration of the energy industry for a sustainable future. This paper will prove how detrimental the oil crash has been, and discuss how peak oil has had an impact on the global society when dealing with the oil crash. The first half of this paper assesses the theory of “peak oil,” how it has affected the globe today, and analyzes the oil crash as a social problem. The latter half of this paper discusses the consequences of the oil crash if no action is taken, while proposing policy solutions to diminish the dependence of the global civilization on oil. An analysis of peak oil theory and the oil crash as a social problem will illustrate the consequences if no action is taken, and demonstrate how policy solutions encompassing a combination of energy forms established through government intervention can combat the oil crash and ensure the continuation of our civilization.
As discussed throughout the documentary, oil is a non-renewable resource that is the result of animals and plants dying off millions of years ago, being crushed by sand deposits in the ocean that “cooked” the bones and through various chemical reactions, converted these bones to oil (Gelpke & McCormack, 2006). Interestingly enough, oil has taken millions of years to produce and almost has been completely used up in about two cent...

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