The Assault Of Rape Law Reform Essay

The Assault Of Rape Law Reform Essay

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Do people know when and how to report Sexual Harassment? Why do you think some people never report it? There are many different types of Sexual Harassment like sexual abuse in men and women, sexual abuse in the military, workplace, colleges and almost everywhere. It is a huge problem everywhere and the issue isn 't brought up as much because it isn 't reported or people who are behind the assault scare victims into believing that they will be in trouble or are embarrassed. Once more women and men start reporting or even just informing more people of what is sexual harassment is, that way they know how and when to report it.

ANDERSON, MICHELLE J. "Campus Sexual Assault Adjudication and Resistance to Reform." Yale Law Journal 125.7 (2016): 1940-2005. Academic Search Premier. Web. 17 Nov. 2016. Web.
It is mentioned that a forty-year history of rape law reform has shed some light on current debates about the campus sexual assault. “The first, a progressive reform movement, abolished the unique procedural hurdles in rape prosecutions. That movement is now transforming the key elements of the crime: force and nonconsenting. The second reform movement, conservative in nature, increased criminal and civil punishments for rape.” It was said by “The Office for Civil Rights, Department of Education recently clarified that Title IX, which outlaws sex discrimination in education, requires colleges and universities to respond promptly and equitably to allegations of campus sexual assault.” Rape law 's over time suggests not only that we should pay more attention to sexual assault on campus everywhere, but also that we also oppose both unique procedural protections for those accused and mandatory punishments for those found responsible.
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...omen, but until more women start speaking up and putting a stop to it, it 's always going to be a problem
I think there is sexual harassment and assault everywhere as described in my research paper like in work places, famous people, people with disabilities, to college campus, our military branches, to our new President. As in the Food Chain film, there were thousands of sexual assault and harassment in the workplace. It’s a huge problem that needs to be fixed. We as a nation should stand up for men and women all around the world, especially the United States because I live here with my children who I would like to protect. There are studies that should huge rates for men and women and higher rates for persons with disabilities. There are thousands every day that aren’t even reported, but now we should all be more aware and try our best to stop and end the assault.

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