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Assassination of J.F.K Essay

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Assassination of J.F.K.
Death of a President on Dallas streets gets the nations attention. In the afternoon of November 22, 1963, President John F. Kennedy was assassinated as he rode in a motorcade through Dealy Plaza in downtown Dallas, Texas. When he was shot, it was done by two snipers.
I performed a survey before writing this essay. I went around to different people asking them if they think that President Kennedy was shot by two different assassins. If they said yes, I would just move on. If a person said no, I would ask them why was he was shot twice in such a short amount of time? After I would make that remark, most participants did not know how to respond. 17 (68%) individuals said yes, he was shot by two different people. The other 8 (32%) obviously said no.
When this tragedy took place, Kennedy was shot from the front and the back. When I had reviewed all of the available footage, the video clearly shows that he was first shot in the shoulder and then in the back of the head. (John F. Kennedy Assassination Footage (Parental Guidance Suggested) in the autopsy report it states that there was a bullet wound in the back of Kennedy’s neck. (ARRB MD41, p.6, Dr Malcolm Perry). Also while looking at the autopsy reports, I came across the medical record of John F. Kennedy. It looks as if a regular record, but I love the fact that this was confidential to the public at the time.
On the first account of him being shot, his body went forward, showing that he was shot from the back, at that time Mrs. Kennedy was heard screaming, “God, oh God no” (Towner, 50 facts about JFK Assassination). Then the second time he was shot his body goes backward indicating he was hit from the front. Looking at a photo of this scene I can see th...

... middle of paper ... humanly way to pull this off, was to have a second sniper. The book “22 November 1963” has some other insights on the conspiracy. “On the face of it, this is an open–and–shut case: Oswald did it. The only realistic alternative is that Oswald had been carefully framed in advance. The other, purely theoretical, solution, that some other lone nut happened to stumble across Oswald’s rifle and decided to take a few pot shots at the president, is too unlikely to be worth considering. Either Oswald did it, or he was set up.”
“John F. Kennedy was assassinated in November 1963. Lee Harvey Oswald was arrested and put on trial for his murder. However, before he could reach trial, Lee Harvey Oswald was himself murdered by Jack Ruby. Lee Harvey Oswald always pleaded innocence and many believe the assassination was a conspiracy.” (Pettinger, Biography of John F Kennedy )

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