Essay on The Assassination : A Peaceful Day

Essay on The Assassination : A Peaceful Day

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March 30, 1981 was a peaceful day. President Ronald Reagan was walking outside enjoying the fresh air when suddenly shots were fired. Six shots were fired in total, but only one shot hit Reagan due to a bullet that ricocheted. Luckily, Reagan was hit in the abdomen; therefore, he survived. The “mastermind” behind the attempted assassination was a man named John Hinckley. Hinckley believed by going through with this assassination it would be a romantic scenario for himself to confess his undying love for the actress Jodie Foster. Before long it was time for the Hinckley trial and after hearing his side of the story, the jury came to the conclusion that he was crazy. Hinckley was later found not guilty by reason of insanity and admitted to St. Elizabeth’s hospital for the criminally insane in Washington D.C. After hearing what happened at the Hinckley trial, there was a public outcry. Many people did not believe that Hinckley was insane, but lying to get out of going to jail. In response to the public outcry, more than 30 states changed their laws just to make it extremely difficult for criminals to win an insanity defense. There doesn’t need to be an excuse to let the mentally ill get away with murder. Anyone who commits a crime should stay locked up with no special treatment. (
The insanity defense does not serve justice against criminals but allows them to get away with murder. “A person accused of a crime can acknowledge that they committed the crime, but argue that they are not responsible for it because of their mental illness, by pleading not guilty by reason of insanity.” ( On television, it’s easy to wi...

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...longer a threat to the people of the world. There are cases where they claim insanity only lasts a certain period of time. This kind of defense is very hard to prove. If the person declares that their insanity only lasts for a shortened period of time during the possible crime as a defense, and he/she is claiming that he/she is fine already then this is called temporary insanity. If the legal control will accept this kind of defense, the person will usually not be sent to a psychiatric facility. (
Criminals, “insane” or not, still committed the crime at the end of the day and deserve punishment. After all, insanity, among many other concepts used in court, is completely subjective. What defines and constitutes insanity? Some say demons are in the insane, which might be why the insane acts the way they do.

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